Solution Advisors Group Announces FileNet Tools from Bijou Research

Apr 25, 2003

Solution Advisors Group, Inc., the Costa Mesa, CA-based media and education company has announced the availability of two new software products for FileNet document management systems to meet the increasing demands for security and accountability. SafeView Watermark provides on-demand watermarking of document images displayed or printed. The watermark can contain the user ID, date, time, or other identifying text as needed. Because the watermark is provided for viewing as well as printing, screen prints cannot be used to circumvent it. The watermark is not embedded in the stored image, but applied when the image is displayed or printed. Thus the user ID of the requester, date, and time will be dynamically applied. SafeView Redaction permits a user to ‘black-out' sections of a scanned image. This redaction is performed on a copy of the image. The index values are copied to the new image, but presented for editing. The image can then be stored in a separate document class, to facilitate secure retrieval of the redacted version.

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