Solodev DCX Introduces Managed Kubernetes Service for Launching Digital Customer Experiences on AWS

Oct 01, 2019

Solodev DCX, the digital customer experience platform built for Amazon Web Services, announces the launch of Solodev DCX Enterprise Edition for Kubernetes. It is the first content management system (CMS) and one of only four companies worldwide to launch Kubernetes on AWS. The new product is now available for purchase in the AWS Marketplace as a self-service solution.

This announcement follows the successful launch of Solodev’s Elastic Container Service (ECS) for Docker, expanding their offerings in the AWS Container Marketplace. Now, Solodev DCX can be provisioned and managed with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), a conformant and accessible service that is supported by an open source community of developers and backed by AWS.

With Solodev DCX and Kubernetes, developers and organizations can deploy a fully containerized CMS and customer experience platform in minutes via AWS CloudFormation – and quickly add or remove containers to keep up with traffic demands. This is especially important for websites and apps that have thousands or even millions of visitors or customers. In addition to rapid scalability, the new Kubernetes service can help reduce operational costs by as much as 90% by mixing spot and on-demand instances.

Containers are redefining the cloud. Lightweight and highly portable, they enable distributed microservices to run across environments regardless of operating systems. As one of the leading open-source container platforms, Kubernetes is leading the way in container innovation, removing the underlying infrastructure limitations and bundling everything an application needs to run – including file systems, memory, and other dependencies.

From a redundancy and availability standpoint, Amazon EKS powers Kubernetes across multiple AWS availability zones, making the infrastructure fault tolerant and enabling Solodev DCX websites and applications to maintain higher levels of uptime. It also provides a highly secure infrastructure and encrypted communication channels between clusters, making AWS the most reliable cloud platform for building a scalable container strategy.

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