SolidWorks Automates Translation Project Execution Using Web-Based Platform

Mar 13, 2007

Lionbridge has announced that SolidWorks Corporation has successfully connected its internal content management system (CMS) to Freeway, the Lionbridge web-based language delivery platform. Using a Web Services connection, SolidWorks can now automatically push its marketing content directly from its CMS out to Lionbridge project managers for translation. Once translated, the content is automatically reinserted into the CMS. As a result, SolidWorks is able to speed up its update cycles using a touch-free translation management process, and can focus on the core task of managing and publishing content rather than on exporting and importing files.

The Freeway platform was designed to provide lightweight web services tools that can be quickly adapted to any internal CMS or content system. As result, Lionbridge quickly connected Freeway to SolidWorks' custom built CMS without forcing SolidWorks to adjust its standard workflows and processes. Once projects are submitted automatically through Freeway, SolidWorks managers are able to track the project status online through the collaboration portal. Reporting of all projects, regardless of how they were submitted, are also consolidated in the system. This provides SolidWorks with a complete view of translation work in progress including job status, project financials, and total volumes.