Solcara and LexisNexis Unite to Launch News Monitoring Tool

May 28, 2004

Solcara, a UK-based information management software and solutions company and LexisNexis, a provider of legal, news, and business content, have announced Solcara InTheNews (LexisNexis). Solcara InTheNews is designed as an online news monitoring service that allows users to more easily keep abreast of what is being said in the media about their organization, clients, and competition.

Solcara InTheNews is a search tool that analyses content provided by the LexisNexis 90 day news service in an effort to enable users to more effectively manage, access, and distribute information. Solcara InTheNews uses a statistical and linguistic analysis routine to identify relevant content. This content, news headlines with summaries, and/or the full stories, is extracted, clustered, and presented in email alerts. These alerts can be scheduled to run at predefined times and are customizable to reflect individual user's interest profiles and corporate branding. In addition, the functionality of Solcara InTheNews (LexisNexis) can be extended to not only search multiple online content sources simultaneously but also to search internal databases.

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