Softwerc Technologies Announces Wercspace

Jan 28, 2003

Softwerc, Inc., a provider of portal tools that are designed to speed assembly of custom Web portals, has announced Wercspace, a tool for employees within an enterprise to create and manage customized Intranet portal content in a valuable way. Wercspace is a user interface that lets end-users and administrators create pages relevant to the individual or to a workgroup. Content can be pulled from a repository of static or dynamic content, called Werclets, already chosen by the organization; the application also allows users to create their own Werclets from third-party Web sites. Wercspace, and the Werclets housed within, is intended for any company or organization that needs to assemble and distribute timely, aggregated information for its employees, including financial services companies, healthcare researchers, and wireless content publishers. Features of Wercspace include: Multiple Page Support--users can create up to four portal pages customized with their own combination of content; Free-Form Werclet Arrangements--allows users to layer or align Werclets, and to drag them by their title bars; Minimization--Werclets can be minimized to reduce page congestion, yet still keep applications available should they be required; Administrative Control--content managers can ensure that certain Werclets are always present on the user's interface; Repository Access--via the Wercspace repository, Werclets can be stored and re-used as needed; Werclet Creation--users who wish to create their own Werclets using free or available third-party Web content have access to the proprietary Werclets engine; Broad Application Support--Wercspace provides access to streaming data and dynamic data refreshing as well as static content; Independent Werclet Refresh--Wercspace supports the ability to independently refresh the content within a single pane without refreshing the entire page; and Custom Werclet Branding--enterprises can overlay a system-wide branding and/or look-and-feel without affecting the individual's content. The application is a scalable solution appropriate for broad enterprise deployment, and is currently available for demo/evaluation via the Softwerc Web site.