Softwerc Offers Wercspace 1.2

Mar 25, 2003

Softwerc, Inc., has announced the release of Wercspace Version 1.2, for employees who create or maintain their own customized Web portal content. Among the application's upgrades are more advanced page management capabilities; greater flexibility in the creation and circulation of real-time, dynamic Web pages; as well as a new page repository and other productivity improvements for administrators. New features and upgrades for employees and workgroups include Unlimited Page Count; More Convenient Page Adds; New "Hot List" Menu of five pages for quick access; "Publish Page" Functionality without administrator involvement; and Page Resizing/Movement Werclets. For portal administrators, Wercspace Version 1.2 offers two other new features: New Page Repository gives administrators a way to create and store pages without having to deploy them; and "Publish Page/Publish Werclet" Functionality lets administrators distribute pages created by one group to others within the enterprise. Wercspace 1.2 is available now and can be sampled via online demo at Softwerc's Web site.