Softomate LLC Launches Desktop Notification Service

Jun 26, 2007

Softomate LLC has launched a desktop notification service from The web-based service has been designed to deliver news and messages to the users' desktops. Along with text, they can attach any document and multimedia, like graphics, Flash, video, and audio. With an AlertGear account, users login to the on-line Control Panel and can send alerts. The panel is designed with management options to store/track sent messages, conduct surveys, and view statistics.

There are two different packages and flexible pricing policy depending on the number of users expected. The "In-house" package is designed to serve 20 to 200 users with a shorter 3-minute poll period. The "Web-group" package can be used for much larger user groups starting from at least 500 users. This option is suitable to be used by websites, news agencies, and portals. Websites and small business companies can use this new communication channel for keeping in touch with users and employees.

When users sign up for an alert account, they will receive a desktop client to be distributed among them. This small application is designed to integrate within the Windows Taskbar environment and manages incoming alerts from the desktop.