Softbank Broadmedia and Club iT Partner With Speedera Networks

Nov 07, 2003

Speedera Networks, a provider of on-demand content and application delivery services, has announced that Club iT Corporation and its parent company Softbank Broadmedia Corporation have entered into a partnership with Speedera to provide content and application delivery services for the broadband market in Japan. Club iT has already been focusing on broadband content distribution through "BB Cable TV", operated by BB Cable Corporation, a fully owned subsidiary of Softbank Broadmedia. This new agreement marks an initiative to improve the network infrastructure for broadband content delivery over the Internet, building upon a technology and services partnership with Speedera. Through Speedera's "Fusion Partner" program, Softbank Broadmedia has just completed deploying its own large-scale CDN network in Japan. Club iT will provide sales and marketing for the service, under the brand name "Broadmedia*CDN".

Under the agreement with Speedera, Club iT and Softbank Broadmedia have become "Speedera Fusion" partners, building their own large scale CDN infrastructure in Japan, integrated with Speedera's network. This means that Club iT will not just serve as a sales channel for Speedera's services but will also take advantage of Softbank Broadmedia's own Broadmedia*CDN infrastructure. The Web site content of Club iT's customers will be delivered from Softbank Broadmedia's CDN network as well as from Speedera's global edge network deployed in many countries worldwide, enabling Club iT to satisfy its customers' demands for broadband distribution to end-users anywhere in the world.

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