SoftInform Releases SearchInform 1.6

Jul 29, 2005

The SoftInform company has announced the release of a new version of the information search system SearchInform 1.6 with the support of search by file attributes. SearchInform is a tool for searching and processing information in text files, databases and informational systems. The search tool from SoftInform is based on a patent "similar documents search" technology, known as SoftInform Search Technology.

SearchInform 1.6 allows users to search by file attributes and search with limits. The new types of files for indexation comprise .mp3 and .avi tags, Open Office documents, and electronic messages from TheBat. Search with limits enables users to search documents with certain attributes only (by file size, by message subject, by characters in the heading, etc.). In addition, the interface of SearchInform 1.6 has been slightly retouched, a number of minor bugs have been corrected and a plug-in for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe has been added. SearchInform 1.6 is designed to help users find any document located on the computer's hard-drive or in almost any database. It features a high indexing rate (up to 6 Gb/hour), a small index size (15-20% of the actual bulk of textual information), support of almost all widely spread formats of text files, (including .pdf, .html, electronic messages from Outlook and TheBat, mp3 and avi tags) and correct work with archives.