Socialtext Releases Software to Encourage Workplace Collaboration

Mar 01, 2011

Socialtext has announced an updated release of its social software platform that focuses on connecting employees with the relevant colleagues, information and systems that drive their business. It aims to deliver analytics that assist IT departments in managing the platform, in addition to an intranet infrastructure that promotes the sharing of information. Employees can use the software to communicate, access content and rich media, and create a personalized intranet homepage called a dashboard.

The company, established in 2002, has implemented a microblogging program called Signals to facilitate communication among employees on the intranet, which enables users to share videos, slideshows, and multimedia with the whole company or with specific groups on collaborative workspace pages. The integrated Google Analytics platform is designed to allow IT personnel to gather data about their intranet users. Socialtext provides social networking products, such as blogs, wikis, profiles, and social spreadsheets, to businesses in an effort to help employees share information and work together in real time.