Socialtext Launches Business Social Software Solutions

Apr 18, 2008


Socialtext, a provider of business social software, announced that it has built upon its wiki foundation to launch a broad set of Business Social Software solutions. Two products—Socialtext Dashboard and Socialtext People—are intended to extend the wiki platform for people to gain additional insight by managing their information, conversations, and connections. Socialtext also launched four core Solution Areas: Business Social Networks, Collaborative Intelligence, Flexible Client Collaboration, and Participatory Knowledgebase.

Socialtext version 3.0 includes: Socialtext Dashboard -- personalized and customizable dashboards of internal and external social software activity; and Socialtext People -- social networking adapted for the enterprise. Throughout the Socialtext wiki, profiles are made visible so at any time you can pivot to the people behind the content. Profiles and a user directory allow colleagues to introduce themselves and discover implicit and explicit expertise. People can subscribe to the activity of colleagues. Groupings enable users to declare interest and expertise on their profile and other users profiles. The two new enhancements to Socialtext are currently in Beta and will be commercially available within a quarter.