Socialtext Announces New Pricing

Mar 03, 2006

Socialtext, a wiki company and provider of social software to enterprises, has announced a new pricing scheme based on its open-source commercial business model. Socialtext's group-based pricing model offers free use to workgroups of five users, unlimited use for open source communities, and Professional and Enterprise options. Socialtext's return to an open-source model is designed to further the adoption of wikis in the enterprise by freely sharing source code with the developer community. Socialtext pricing includes software as a service, 24/7 customer support for all paid members, and unlimited wikis. Other options include special non-profit rates and Socialtext Eventspace support for conferences.

Socialtext's pricing model is group-based. Personal wikis, targeted at open source developers and small workgroups, are free and include 500MB of storage. Professional wikis, targeted at small and large businesses, start at $95 per month up to 19 users and slides to $1,995 per month for up to 499 users. Professional pricing includes 10GB of storage. Enterprise wikis, targeted at groups from 500 to more than 50,000 users, include unlimited attachments.