Announces Social Media Analytics

Feb 19, 2013 announced the launch of the first phase of its social media click tracking rollout, and the addition of new features. The personal branding startup, which reached the 1,000-user milestone just 3 days into its public launch, hopes to further expand their base with a social media analytics rollout.'s primary function allows users to unify up to 36 different social networks from a single profile for free. Outbound click tracking is nothing new and is offered by a handful of web analytics platforms, but according to most sites aren't implementing it. Subscribing to the idea that "Likes" or "Followers" aren't an accurate measure of your social media success, will allow you to track the clicks of people who visit your profile but don't subscribe. "Using you'll be able to compare the clicks to increases in your following and use that data to improve your social communication to turn more of those casual browsers into followers," says Ron Rule,'s founder.

The data is currently being collected and views are being displayed in phase one, with the full social analytics rollout to be completed within the next 30 days.