Socialbakers Launches Video Performance Benchmark for Social Networks

Dec 07, 2017

Socialbakers, an AI-powered social media marketing platform, announced the addition of performance benchmarks for social networks to its Socialbakers Suite. Socialbakers video performance benchmarks let marketers view their video performance metrics in a competitive context against industries, countries, and regions. These benchmarks go beyond the simple measures available on social platforms about the brands' own content.

Benchmarking is essential for every marketer in optimizing performance, justifying budgets, and maximizing the impact on social media. These video benchmarks come in addition to Socialbakers' ad performance and cost benchmarks, based on live data from actual ad spend by the world's top brands.

With video performance benchmarks marketers can navigate the relationship between the obvious potential value of video, the oversaturated environment in which they compete, and the actual investment it takes to make an impact. Metrics indices for video performance benchmarks include: overall score, video views (total, 10 and 30 seconds), video viewers (unique, unique 10 and 30, time watched, average time watched), and view types (repeated, click to play, auto).

Monitoring their own video insights over time gives marketers a very limited picture of their performance. Public video metrics from their competitors don't tell the whole story either. Now Socialbakers customers can integrate video performance benchmarks insights with other social media intelligence provided by the Socialbakers Suite to learn whether they need to improve their content, modify their targeting, or post their content at better times to maximize audience engagement.