Socialbakers Launches Advertising Performance Benchmark for Social Networks

Oct 24, 2017

Socialbakers, a social media marketing platform, announced an advertising performance benchmark for social networks. The benchmark, powered by data from billions of dollars in ad spend, provides marketers with a continuous view into how their ad spend performs against their industry, country, or region.

Today, more than 5 million businesses actively advertise on Facebook, but until today, Socialbakers says marketers were missing access to benchmark data on which to base their ad strategy. Benchmarking is a key practice in helping marketers understand their performance against industry trends and standards. In social media, it is crucial to understand a brand’s current performance and provide the necessary steps to uncover weaknesses and strengths in ad strategy.

Socialbakers customers can use insights from ad benchmarks to learn whether they need to improve their content, modify their ad targeting, or post their content at better times to maximize engagement.


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