Socialbakers Launches AI-Powered Performance Prediction & Optimization for Instagram Campaigns

Nov 02, 2017

Socialbakers, a social media marketing platform, announced its AI-powered performance prediction and optimization for Instagram. This new addition helps marketers get the most out of their paid and organic activities. Socialbakers is the leading platform to provide marketers with measurement, management, and optimization for Instagram and Facebook in a single integrated suite.

The rising number of marketers present on Instagram means that the platform is being increasingly used for ads and sponsored posts. This increase in competition means it's more important than ever for marketers to build a strategy that results with clear business results. Guessing which Instagram posts to promote is a risky strategy that leads to unwise budget choices. Socialbakers helps marketers overcome these challenges by providing four key benefits:

  • Performance Predictionenables marketers to identify and monitor their top-performing content, see the predicted interactions that each post will receive and get actionable recommendations so that they can promote confidently and maximize their return.
  • Promoted Post Detectionlets marketers learn how their competitors are investing their advertising budget on the platform and use this knowledge to adjust their own strategy and justify Instagram budgets.
  • Content Inspirationgives marketers access to the industry's largest social media dataset of content to get inspiration for their posts. No other tool gives marketers access to such a rich pool of social media content and data-driven recommendations on what content will resonate best with their audience.  
  • Customizable Dashboardwith added Instagram Insights lets marketers easily measure the results and demonstrate the value of their campaigns across all social channels in one place.


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