Social Browsing Application Me.dium Integrates Jabber

Dec 07, 2007

Jabber, Inc. announced that Me.dium, Inc. is utilizing the Jabber Extensible Communications Platform (Jabber XCP) for presence and instant messaging (IM) capabilities in its social browsing application. Launched in August, Me.dium is a social browsing plug-in that allows people to see what other people are doing online around them and to interact in real time. By revealing this new Social Exploration Environment (SEE), Me.dium graphically connects users with others doing similar things, allows them to browse with their friends, and enables users to interact with others in their real-time community. When a user in the Me.dium network moves from one website to another, the server receives a notification that the user's location has changed. This information is aggregated across the Me.dium network to seek similar content based on the browsing activity of other Me.dium users. Me.dium streams the data back to the user's browser and displays a map showing who is currently on that recommended content and offers an opportunity for users to initiate one-to-one or group chats, add new users to private chats, post messages to the online community, and follow each other around the web.