Snowcap Data Launches, a Self-Serve Lead Generation Platform

Mar 01, 2016

A provider of automated internet data services, Snowcap Data announced Leadbird, a new platform targeting the 22 million small and medium businesses with a low-cost, lead generation toolkit to further drive revenue. Leadbird says it is the first internet-based platform aggregating real-time "trigger-based" leads for SMBs to create marketing campaigns. By aggregating  data files on a hyper-local basis, small and medium business owners now have access to the same data as big companies to efficiently target new customers through a self-serve platform.

Snowcap Data monitors the internet and sources real-time trigger data based on public sources that are then made available to small business owners in Leadbird. With a free account, small business owners can view all of the potential leads on a local basis and filter by those relevant to them. Real-time monitoring allows Snowcap Data to quickly pick up new leads or changes in addresses, phone numbers or URLs to existing businesses.

Leadbird will feature both licensed and internally sourced trigger data including access to over 65,000 weekly new businesses in partnership with MarketForce Corp., a compiler of business registration data.  Other products offered include company anniversaries, new births, and new homeowners (coming soon).

Leadbird is free to join. A free account provides access to all of its location-based leads. Leadbird also offers the option to send targeted direct mail postcards based on sourced leads. For as little as $25 a month, Leadbird will automatically send out up to 35 targeted postcards based on fresh and highly relevant data sourced from the internet.