Snow Software Delivers Automated Compliance for Oracle

Sep 19, 2019

Snow Software, a provider of technology intelligence solutions, announced expanded Oracle capabilities, including an automated compliance engine and advanced spend optimization analytics. These new features enable enterprises to optimize their Oracle deployments to improve IT operations, gain critical insight into the IT ecosystem and accelerate digital transformation efforts as more Oracle licenses move to the cloud.

Oracle represents both a mission-critical system and a tremendous investment for over 430,000 organizations across the globe. As enterprises move more of their Oracle workloads into the cloud, IT organizations are struggling to manage the distribution of licenses across hybrid environments and facing increased audit risks due to Bring Your Own License (BYOL) policies. Snow’s enhanced solution minimizes the complexity surrounding Oracle license management by providing intelligence into the ongoing usage of Oracle implementations to ensure organizations can effectively manage costs, maximize their investments and quickly adapt to changing business priorities.

With this release, users will be able to:

  •       Automate the calculation of an organization’s unique Oracle license requirements
  •       Gain visibility into used, unused, under- and over-assigned licenses across the enterprise
  •       Review potential savings based on current Oracle usage
  •       Monitor and track licenses against different use cases and environments
  •       Create rules when assigning licenses across various parts of the organization

These new capabilities follow a series of recent enhancements released by Snow to help enterprises maximize the value of their Oracle technology, among other IT investments. The Snow platform provides insight across an entire IT ecosystem, enabling enterprises to manage complex Oracle implementations with entitlement imports, hard/soft partitioning support, license requirement calculations, compliance for database and middleware, and end-of-support dates.

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