Snaplytics Releases Survey Report on Snapchat Trends Among Brands

Feb 14, 2017

Originally thought of as a social network mostly geared toward teenagers, Snapchat is now seeing millennials engaging. Snaplytics, the SaaS company offering Snapchat marketing insights, is releasing what it calls the most comprehensive survey of Snapchat data ever to better understand how brands are using the social site to communicate in a direct form with their followers – without getting too personal. In a survey of 500 brands with 24,180 Snapchat stories and a total of 217,000 Snaps, the Snaplytics Report finds that organizations are learning how to use Snapchat to reach target audiences in a way that is more “at eye level” and supplies details on the most effective ways to leverage the platform.

As brands are still figuring out the best way to incorporate Snapchat into their marketing toolbox, the report offers important data regarding the experience these 500 brands are having with their Snapchat campaigns:

  • 61% of the content posted by brands on Snapchat are videos. This is a 5 percent increase from the first quarter of 2016.
  • The number of snaps in a story averages around 11 snaps per update.
  • Consistency and ongoing activity is key. Brands post, on average, content two times a week.
  • Completion rate, or the number of people viewing the whole story, climbed to 88% compared to 84% the previous quarter.

The Report also provides insights, metrics and analysis regarding what brands must consider as they develop their Snapchat marketing strategy:

  •  The best approaches to growing a follower base (followers find brands by Username 64% of the time)
  • What is the most effective rate of posting to keep your followers excited and engaged and what days are the best for posting and why
  • How different types of brands and organizations differ in their Snapchat marketing approaches and why
  • Which type of media works best on Snapchat