Smartwebs Introduces Advanced Workflow Feature

Mar 16, 2004


Smartwebs, a provider of Web-based content management applications, has announced an upgrade to its workflow system across all of the company's Web content management products. The new workflow system is designed to allow businesses to ensure a further layer of accuracy and accountability by requiring the review and approval of Web content before it is published to a company Web site or Intranet.

This advanced workflow feature uses multiple levels of user roles for content creation and content approval. Smartwebs' upgraded workflow system features an email notification to alert designated approvers of pending requests, and a content history feature that automatically creates an audit trail for accountability and compliance.

Each of the following components can be added individually or together as part of a package: Content Manager--Allows customers to update Web pages in real time; it can be integrated into either a new or existing site. Site Builder--Intended for users who want to do more than simple updates; users can dynamically control an entire site, including creation of new pages and content areas. Developer--Allows users to create and customize stand-alone sub sites in conjunction with Smartwebs Site Builder. Modules--Predefined components that allow users to perform department specific tasks; users can add one or more modules as needed and current modules include: Events, News, Press Releases, Job Openings, Forms, Polls, and Document Management.