Smartling Announces Increased NPS

Sep 17, 2019

Smartling, a software and translation services company that established the Enterprise Translation Cloud category, announced new logo bookings and an increased Net Promoter Score (NPS) up 11 points year-to-date. New customer logos include DoorDash, Mars, Peloton,, SmileDirectClub, and Specialized Bicycle. These companies join Smartling’s ever-growing customer roster including Shopify, Slack, Vimeo, and WeWork.

Earlier this year at its Global Ready Conference, Smartling debuted new automation capabilities including Draft, Dynamic Workflows and a feature that automatically selects the best machine translation option from leading engines based on the source and target languages. The company continues to innovate so its customers can produce translated content more accurately, more quickly and for less overall spend than traditional translation methods. These software and services enhancements have contributed to the increase in Smartling’s NPS score by 11 points year-to-date.

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