Sling Media and CBS Beta Test New Delivery System for Video

Jan 12, 2007

CBS Corporation and Sling Media, Inc. have announced a beta test of a new technology designed to help audiences share short segments of programming. The experiment centers around a new application and service from Sling Media called Clip+Sling. The trial will begin sometime in the second quarter of 2007.

Clip+Sling gives Slingbox owners the power to clip and share content directly from live or recorded television in a process via the SlingPlayer application. Slingbox customers will be able to clip and share content with friends and family who are a part of their digital community and who aren't necessarily Slingbox users. This feature will be built into both the desktop and mobile versions of the SlingPlayer software. Customers can expect to see this new functionality incorporated into the SlingPlayer by Q2, 2007.

The deal is the first for the newly formed Sling Media Entertainment Group, which was created this past December to define and create rich and engaging experiences for Slingbox customers as well as their family and friends.