Slate Reaches Over 6 Million Unique Visitors in March 2003

Apr 22, 2003

The online magazine Slate, has reported more than six million unique users for the month of March, pushing its audience reach to 4.5% and placing it among the top fifteen (Slate is ranked 11th) Web news sites in the current events and global news category according to Nielsen//NetRatings. The increase is partially attributed to Slate's coverage of the war in Iraq. During the first full week of the war, Slate attracted more than 1.7 million surfers at work, an increase of nearly 71 percent over the previous week. During that same time, the week of March 17, Slate drew 65 percent more unique visitors from home. More than one million unique users from home turned to Slate as a source of news analysis, reporting, and commentary about breaking developments. Year-over-year, traffic to Slate surged 94 percent, nearly doubling its online audience since March 2002. Slate added several features in response to the war, including "War Stories," Fred Kaplan's analysis of military strategies and techniques, and "Bloghdad," the weblog of Will Saletan, Slate's Chief Political Correspondent. Jack Shafer's "Press Box" featured critical analyses of the media, embedded journalists, and their place in the war, and Chris Suellentrop's "Assessment" took stock of Arabic news network Al-Jazeera and Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi. Slate, also known for its arts and living features, continued to cover domestic and cultural issues throughout the conflict. Coverage included Dahlia Lithwick's "Supreme Court Dispatches" on affirmative action and sodomy cases at the U.S. Supreme Court, and TV Critic Virginia Heffernan's examination of Saddam Hussein's TV appearances and the sisters of MTV's Sorority Life.

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