Slangwho Launches Distraction-Free, Content App for Reading and Sharing the News

Dec 22, 2016

Slangwho, the multi-platform, content news aggregator curated by mobile users, announced the official launch of its distraction-free news sharing application available on iOS and Android devices. Slangwho, free for all users, is singularly focused on providing consistent news content each individual user wants to follow in a simple, elegant feed while minimizing distractions from social media and sponsored content.

As a forum for users by users that care about a focused experience, Slangwho curates feeds based on what is proactively discovered and shared by its users and not content powered by publications’ targeted content algorithms. New users can find other users and content sites to follow using contacts imported from Facebook and Twitter, while controlling how often they want to view the content.

Articles are shared from within iOS and Android share extensions. The news feed includes a skim feature that lets readers look at the most important content before having to open the article to read in full. Users can also bookmark articles for later reading or instantly re-post to share in their own feed.