Skyword and TrackMaven Join Forces

Oct 30, 2018

Skyword, a content marketing platform and services company, announced that it has merged with TrackMaven, a marketing insights company powering the world’s top brands. The combination of the two companies accelerates their shared vision to be the world’s leading content marketing platform.

With TrackMaven, brands gain insight into their competitive and content landscapes through unified analytics across 19 digital channels. With this insight, marketers can see how they stack up against their competitors across their channels and where they can meet the needs of their audiences better with the content they produce. Skyword’s content marketing platform, Skyword360, is a unified platform for managing content strategy and operations across the enterprise. It is the only platform that combines enterprise-wide visibility and planning with original content creation, activation, and personalization capabilities.

The combination of Skyword and TrackMaven integrates industry benchmarking and insight into the content planning, creation, and activation process. It combines best-in-class analytics with best-in-class content marketing. The result is greater value for the consumer, a stronger relationship between the consumer and the brand, and saved time and effort.

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