Skyword and Robert McKee Join Forces to Bring Story to Content Marketing

Jun 28, 2016

Tom Gerace, founder and CEO of Skyword, a content marketing technology and services company, announced a partnership with award-winning story authority and best-selling author Robert McKee. The partnership will include Gerace collaborating with McKee on McKee's Storynomics seminars in the U.S. and Europe. The seminars instruct senior executives and marketing professionals on how to apply storytelling structure to their business in order to drive revenue, margins, and brand loyalty. In addition to the seminars, McKee and Gerace will offer customized day-long workshops to individuals within specific companies. They also plan to develop online Storynomics courseware that will help people master the craft. Working with McKee, Skyword also intends to operationalize story craft in its clients' marketing processes through its technology and services.

Skyword announced the partnership along with the launch of the Content Marketing Continuum, an assessment for measuring an organization's content marketing skillfulness and a framework for achieving greater levels of expertise. The Content Marketing Continuum assessment ranks marketers on a five-stage scale, starting with those who are focused only on product-level content and gradually advancing to those who have adopted a sustainable, storified approach to content creation. The goal is to get teams thinking about the desires, challenges, and triumphs of their target customers, and ultimately embed story into the culture of their organizations.

Storynomics aims to bring marketers to the leading stages on the Continuum by arming them with the knowledge and skillsets they need to infuse story into their external and internal communications strategies.