Skyword Launches New Digital Asset Management Feature

Apr 19, 2016


Skyword Inc., a content marketing technology and services company, announced the launch of Skyword Digital Asset Manager, which allows marketers to find and efficiently manage all of their digital assets globally. The company says the focus on digital asset management is driven by Skyword's clients, many of whom lead marketing organizations at large companies and stand in the middle of siloed product divisions and regional offices.

Without an infrastructure and strategy for digital asset management, finding and repurposing old assets for new stories results in confusion between teams, corrupted and duplicate files, and time wasted on redundant tasks. By automatically enforcing proper use and maintaining a digital library in a secure location, the Skyword Digital Asset Manager protects brand files and ensures that the right team members have access at the right time.

The combination of Skyword's content marketing technology and digital asset management allows marketers to access images, videos, archived content, and other key assets to easily create stories that stand out and are consistent with brand standards.

Skyword Digital Asset Manager features include expanded storage, bulk upload for different file types, tagging, enterprise search and annotation. Skyword Digital Asset Manager will be offered as an integrated part of the Skyword Platform, and the only additional fees for existing Skyword clients will be for storage, with the first 20 MB of storage included free of charge.