Skyword Awarded Patent for Identifying and Ranking Influencers

Jun 16, 2016

Skyword Inc., a content marketing technology and services company, was awarded a patent for PeopleRank, a technique for identifying and measuring a person's influence within a community or on a topic or specific set of topics. Through PeopleRank, marketers and advertisers gain greater insight into the conversations and influencers that are important to their customers and audiences, allowing them to build a digital brand experience that meets their needs.

Skyword was awarded U.S. Patent # 9,367,823 for this invention. Skyword originally filed for this patent in September 2008, and its protections extend to 2032. This is the second patent awarded to Skyword in the past six months and the fourth overall.

In February 2016, Skyword announced that it was awarded U.S. Patent # 9,251,279: Method and Systems for Using Community Defined Facets or Facet Values in Computer Networks. This invention covers the ability to refine search results using these facets and facet values. Skyword currently uses this technique within its content marketing platform to provide marketers with a powerful search tool to discover and gain greater insight into storytellers, influencers, topics, and assets.