SkyMinder Offers Users Credit Content in Developing Countries

Mar 21, 2003

SkyMinder, an online data aggregator, provides credit and business information reports on million public and private companies worldwide and specializes in providing reports on companies based in areas where credit information collection is traditionally difficult. Skyminder recognizes that finding a credit report on a public US company is relatively simple, but can be very difficult for developing nations; when information is available it is often outdated. The new agreements with local, country-specific information providers allow SkyMinder Users to access reports on companies based in areas such as: South & Central America, including Mexico and the Caribbean; Eastern Europe, the Baltic and ex-Soviet nations; Gulf States, Israel; Asia Pacific Rim & Pacific Islands; and Africa. The set of new SkyMinder providers include: Asian CIS, CIMEX, Equifax, ICP, IGK Balt, Mecos, Mega Company Services, Vivid Management, and Worldbox.