Skillsoft and IBM Research Collaborate on Enterprise Learning

Jan 28, 2014

Skillsoft announced a multi-phase joint development agreement with IBM to leverage the power of big data in enterprise learning. The goal of this collaboration is the development of an enhanced adaptive learning experience for users with a focus on productive data-driven learning outcomes. The project will combine IBM Research's big data and customer experience analytics capabilities with content interaction data from Skillsoft's 50,000+ learning assets, to create new methods of creating and assessing optimal learning experiences at an individual level. 

As the data analytics market continues to experience exponential growth, companies seek new ways to maximize performance using big data technology and analysis. In 2013, Gartner reported that 64% of organizations invested or planned to invest in big data technology

The first phase of the initiative identified the key drivers of engagement and demonstrated their connection to improved learning outcomes for users, as well as significant business benefits to Skillsoft. In the second phase, the focus is on realizing these outcomes by piloting and then deploying the big data models that are being developed.

The first phase of the research initiative is complete. Skillsoft and IBM will release future insights of data analysis and relevant findings as the agreement progresses.