Sitellite Professional Released

May 18, 2004


SIMIAN Systems Inc. has released Sitellite 4 CMS Professional Edition, which is designed to make it easier for clients to edit Web sites. Sitellite 4 Professional comes with the following add-ons preinstalled: SiteTracker, Web site traffic analysis and reporting utility; SiteMailer, Web-based email marketing utility; SiteConnector, Connect Sitellite CMS to other Web services; SiteSearch Pro, Web site search application which integrates into the Sitellite CMS environment; SiteLinks, Alphabetical and categorical database listing tool for Sitellite data; SiteForum, Web forum add-on that provides multi-topic forum capabilities to Sitellite-powered Web sites; SiteGlossary, knowledge base and glossary management tool for Sitellite powered Web sites; and SiteFAQ, FAQ database, sorting, and management tool for Sitellite powered Web sites.