Siteimprove Launches Digital Certainty Index 

Nov 02, 2017

Siteimprove, a technology firm that provides services to help audit, optimize, and manage websites, has unveiled a new component to the company's services — the Digital Certainty Index (DCI). The DCI Score gives users a comprehensive gauge to determine how websites are performing as it relates to quality assurance, SEO, and accessibility. The new feature is a highlight of Siteimprove's updated and redesigned dashboard, and another improvement to the company's platform.

The aim of the DCI is to provide users with a personalized and engaging experience in managing their website and make it easier to identify and resolve urgent issues. The DCI also allows users to benchmark digital performance in key areas against a group of industry peers.

The overall DCI Score, which ranges from 0-100, is a summary of a website's performance in three core areas: quality assurance, SEO, and accessibility. These components are at the heart of what Siteimprove stresses is critical to achieving “digital certainty.” The concept of digital certainty means that organizations are confident that their online presence is error-free, consistent, and accessible to everyone.

Siteimprove designed the DCI to guide users through the platform and to expose them to features that drive digital presence improvement. The visible DCI Score on the redesigned dashboard also "gamifies" the experience for users to help motivate them to use the full potential of the Siteimprove platform.


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