Sitecore Acquires Stylelabs, Reveals Product Update

Oct 11, 2018

Sitecore, a provider of digital experience management software, announced at its annual Sitecore Symposium the acquisition of Stylelabs--creator of the Marketing Content Hub--platform and revealed significant new capabilities in their Sitecore Experience Cloud platform.

Sitecore says the acquisition of the Stylelabs platform will help marketing teams own the entire content lifecycle and understand the impact of specific content assets on individual customers’ behavior. Stylelabs’ platform centralizes the ability to define content strategy and easily create, manage, and publish marketing content across channels.

The update to Sitecore Experience Cloud includes JavaScript Services (JSS), Sitecore Omni, and next-level machine learning capabilities in Sitecore Cortex.

Sitecore JSS releases the full power of the Sitecore platform to millions of JavaScript developers with a complete software development kit (SDK) that allows them to build Sitecore-powered experiences using modern JavaScript UI libraries and the popular React, Angular, and Vue.js frameworks. 

Additionally, Sitecore Omni leverages Sitecore JSS and a new universal tracker functionality to build headless applications without sacrificing Sitecore’s personalization, analytics, and A/B testing features.

Sitecore Cortex brings machine learning innovation to automate the time-consuming creation of personalization rules and content tagging, as well as segment discovery and the creation of new offers to marketing personas.

With the scrutiny of legislation such as GDPR, Sitecore Experience Platform 9.1 adds several capabilities to help customers simplify their marketing campaign governance and delivery.

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