SiteScape Announces Forum Bond Management Offering

Feb 15, 2005

SiteScape, a provider of secure Web-based workflow and collaboration solutions, has announced a bond offer management solution to enhance organizational performance for government agencies and financial institutions. The solution is designed help bond-issuing entities better control the timing and completion of new offerings by managing the flow of complex documents and related tasks to keep financial professionals informed and in-synch.

SiteScape's bond management offering is a browser-based solution that enables bond sales teams and issuing agencies to: automate existing processes; assign and track tasks and milestones via individual and merged team calendars; capture underwriters' pitch-for-sale documents via drop box; share, edit, and control documents from multiple sources in a single secure, audited environment; and document bond review reports, transcripts, and minutes. Based on SiteScape's collaboration application, Forum, the bond management offering tightly integrates workflow features, document control, and threaded discussions.