SiteScape Announces Enterprise Forum 7.1

Apr 13, 2004

SiteScape, a provider of Web-based workflow, document management and collaboration, has announced the availability of SiteScape Enterprise Forum 7.1. The upgrade features a range of new capabilities designed to ensure greater enterprise scalability, enhance document management capabilities, and create a richer graphical user interface. New tools such as Forum overview, HTML viewer, multi-file download, off-line synchronization via HTML email, folder maps, graphical workflow, time zone preferences, and language preferences, along with improved LDAP support, server security, and administrative interfaces, are designed to make the product easier to use for both end-users and administrators.

Some of the features included in SiteScape Enterprise Forum 7.1 include: Forum overview--gives users the ability to view charts and graphs that display statistical information about entries, workflow processes, and tasks in the discussions forum and calendars. HTML viewer--Forum can convert numerous types of uploaded files into HTML, allowing users to view an uploaded file regardless of whether the application associated with the file is installed on their computer. Multi-file download--Users can simultaneously download multiple attachments as a compressed zip file from a Forum entry to their desktop or laptop. Folder maps--Allow users to see how document and discussion forums are structured. HTML email--Enhanced capability allows users to work offline. Users can receive Forum email messages and notifications in their original HTML format and can post a response (with attachments) into Forum by replying to the email. Graphical workflow--workflow user interface displays a visual chart of the entire workflow process; users can zoom in and out on various states of the workflow process and can make and see changes in state transitions, queries, email notifications, and access controls.

Time zone/languages preferences--users can choose the server local time or any standard world time zoneand language preferences and a multi-language spell check can be installed from the user profile.

SiteScape Enterprise Forum 7.1 is immediately available for download and runs on the Windows, Solaris, and Red Hat Linux platforms. The initial release is for English only. Translations for Spanish, French, and German are expected to follow within 60 days.