Sirsi Unveils Director's Station; Announces WorkFlows 2004

Jan 13, 2004


Sirsi Corporation has announced Sirsi Director's Station and WorkFlows 2004. Sirsi Director's Station is a turnkey package that is designed to include the tools a library executive needs to make informed, information-driven decisions using the data currently maintained by the library's management system. Sirsi Director's Station provides a customized view of the institution's activities and operations in an effort to enable library executives to analyze trends, pinpoint problem areas, and identify opportunities through the Web browser. Sirsi Director's Station enables directors to activate automated alerts, chart data and trends, conduct natural queries, and build dynamic reports by dragging-and-dropping data elements.

Sirsi has also announced the upcoming release of WorkFlows 2004, the staff client for the Unicorn Library Management System. The release is expected to feature more streamlined screens, the ability to further customize, and a redesigned staff interface that is more intuitive and attractive. WorkFlows 2004 Circulation and Cataloging modules will be available in this version of the staff client in the first quarter of 2004. The Serials Control, Acquisitions modules, and optional Unicode-compliance in this version of the client will be in general release in the third quarter of the year, along with the general release of Unicorn 2004. Later releases will include updates to the Materials Booking, Accountability, Request System, and Outreach modules.