Sirsi Launches Library User Interface

Jun 28, 2005


Sirsi Corporation has announced the availability of its library user interface, the Sirsi Enterprise Portal Solution featuring Sirsi Rooms 2.0. Based on industry-standard portal technologies, the Sirsi Enterprise Portal Solution is similar to popular Internet search interfaces--through which libraries manage and present the information, resources, and services they offer today. As such, the Sirsi Enterprise Portal Solution is an information management platform designed to bring together a library's various interfaces to create a unified online presence that makes it easy for information seekers to discover content and services, including books in library collections, licensed resources, ILL tools, virtual reference services, RSS feeds, digital archives, calendars, general library information, and more. Sirsi Rooms 2.0 is a context management technology designed to provide librarians with a means of gathering professionally organized and contextualized information according to subject areas and then presenting that content in virtual spaces called "Rooms." The Sirsi Enterprise Portal Solution and Sirsi Rooms 2.0 will be available in August 2005.

The Sirsi Enterprise Portal Solution and Sirsi Rooms 2.0 is designed to make it easier to discover knowledge, as information seekers have a single interface to all library resources available online. Library staff can benefit from easier maintenance and creation of information portals through a single interface, which can function as the library's online catalog, Web site, and more. The Sirsi Enterprise Portal Solution offers the following features to libraries and their users for streamlined access to information resources: OPAC and Web site functionality for an easy-to-navigate search environment; Sirsi SingleSearch federated search tool; RSS feed capabilities for all searchable sources; Reading Room for information about book clubs as well as interesting reading for children, young people, and adults; online calendar for promoting library and local events; My Library/My Room customization functionality for users; Admin Editing tool to modify colors, logos, and some content modules; "Audiences," intended to provide targeted information for common audiences (kids, español, business, etc.).