Singular Releases Breakthrough Deterministic Android Install Validation for Mobile App Install Fraud Prevention

Aug 27, 2019

Advertisers will lose as much as $42 billion in 2019 to digital ad fraud, according to Juniper Research. To fight back, Singular has built a team of cyber-security experts with roots in Unit 8200, the elite Israeli intelligence division that has been called "the foremost technical intelligence agency in the world."

Singular unveiled the team's latest breakthrough: Android Install Validation that is deterministically identifying fake app installs. According to the company, this is a whole new level of fraud prevention unlike anything else on the market, and is vastly more effective than any competing fraud prevention solution. New customers testing it are commonly finding over 80% fraud in paid mobile app install campaigns.

The result is literally millions of saved marketing dollars, according to customers.

Most standard fraud detection is probabilistic: essentially a guess with varying degrees of certainty. It cannot be too aggressive, because that increases error rates. The resulting false positives (and false negatives) waste marketers' time and money, especially because fraudsters have learned to defeat most probabilistic models. Deterministic methods are harder to find, but when discovered, they are vastly better and can be as aggressive as necessary because they introduce no false positives.

And that changes the playing field. Singular's cyber-security team used our unique scale to uncover new signals which can deterministically identify whether a Google Play app install is genuine or fake. This new technology is the first that can tell for certain which installs are valid: real device, real user, actual intent. In addition, the team reverse-engineered how fraudsters work and how they defeat probabilistic technologies, then built new tools to help marketers fight back.

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