Singular Announces Global-First Cross-Device, Cross-Platform ROI Analytics

Feb 19, 2019

Singular, a Marketing Intelligence Platform for growth marketers, announced the first cross-device and cross-platform ROI analytics solution. Most marketers can't connect global marketing efforts with customer/user acquisition and sales results across platforms and devices. They advertise over a wide range of publishers, platforms, and devices, and prospective customers engage with those messages in apps, on the web, via streaming TV, or on their wrists. When conversions happen, marketers can't connect the dots.

In addition, getting accurate ROI for each campaign or even each piece of creative is simply impossible. One impact is non-optimizable marketing — poor data quality that can cost brands an average of $15 million annually, according to Gartner. A second is treating one customer as if she is two or three people, resulting in missed opportunities for growth.

With the release of Cross-Device Attribution, Singular's Marketing Intelligence Platform now connects marketing spend data to conversion results across devices and platforms. First, we ingest granular spend and marketing data from thousands of sources. Then we connect it with attribution data from our easy-to-implement in-app and web SDKs as well as direct integrations with customer data platforms, analytics solutions, and internal BI systems. Finally, we match the two datasets.

The result is the accurate ROI and CPA metrics for the most granular reporting, giving growth marketers essential context such as exact creative customers engaged with, audience segments they belong to, and precise and accurate cost of customer acquisition and ROI per platform and channel … and even per campaign, publisher and per creative. This is accurate cross-platform and cross-device ROI analytics for the first time. Singular data shows the best marketers achieve 60% better results simply by getting better, more granular, more accurate, and more insightful data. Adding cross-device ROI gives them even more opportunity to optimize.

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