Singingfish Introduces Paid Inclusion

Mar 07, 2003

Singingfish, Inc., a Thomson service, and audio and video search engine, has announced the availability of a Paid Inclusion program for advertisers' audio and video content. The program will be available through Internet marketing and consulting firm Marketleap of San Francisco, California. Singingfish research shows that over 20% of all Web search queries are best satisfied with audio and/or video results. In an effort to satisfy these needs, Singingfish indexes tens of millions of streaming media files in categories that include music, sports, news, TV, radio and business. Paid inclusion allows an advertiser to pay for streaming media files they select to be indexed by the Singingfish search engine. While this does not guarantee placement, it does allow their content to appear in the search engine's results for relevant queries. Singingfish Paid Inclusion gives advertisers two links: the stream itself and an associated  "landing page." The benefit of Paid Inclusion is that the advertiser has total control over the landing page and can revise them as needed.

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