Simulmedia Uses Oracle Marketing AppCloud to Integrate Data-Driven TV Measurement

Jun 23, 2015

Simulmedia, an audience-targeting television advertising company, is working with Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP) to give Simulmedia TV campaigns the same level of accountability as other digital marketing initiatives. Through this technology integration, marketers and advertisers who currently use Oracle DMP to synchronize their offline and online customer data can track the performance of their Simulmedia TV campaigns to determine how they influence direct business outcomes.

Integrating Oracle DMP data with Simulmedia's Video Advertising Marketing Operating System (VAMOS) will enable customers to track how Simulmedia's linear TV campaigns impact the lift of customer engagement across a variety of metrics. Within Oracle DMP, customers track everything from engagement with a product page and putting that product into a shopping cart, to purchase events in stores, to lifetime value scores calculated by Oracle.  These insights are now available to the marketer to pass directly to Simulmedia, where the VAMOS platform will conduct TV measurement and attribution.