Simulmedia Launches SimulX Unit

Jul 09, 2015

Simulmedia announced the launch of a dedicated team called SimulX that will specialize in helping advertisers with little or no television advertising experience quickly launch campaigns. SimulX will start by offering short, targeted burst campaigns, specifically developed for the mobile game marketer, with the intent of increasing app store rankings. 

Simulmedia has partnered with Think Gaming, a provider of app store analytics and market intelligence for mobile games, to determine how TV exposure drives digital actions. The company has appointed Preetham Mallikarjuna, senior vice president of product strategy, to run SimulX. For all SimulX development, the underlying technology used is Simulmedia's proprietary VAMOS platform, a data-driven ad targeting and optimization technology that uses data, science, and software to target and reach audiences on a linear TV inventory.

Future iterations of SimulX will include offering quicker, close-to real-time linear TV campaigns; fast optimization of testing based on what is resonating and driving results with certain targets; mobile and online behavioral targeting based in part on viewing habits; and dashboard-delivered attribution reporting and that reveals mobile and online browsing, search, app install, and purchase data all driven by TV exposures.