Simplified Security and More in MobileTogether 5.1

Feb 28, 2019

Altova announced the release of MobileTogether 5.1, its framework for cross-platform app development. This release introduces support for the latest versions of Android, full support for implementing free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates, and several features that make it easier for developers to add sophisticated functionality to their apps.  

Some of the new features available in MobileTogether 5.1 include:

  • Support for the latest versions of Android: 8.1 and 9
  • Automatic link detection option for labels: gives developers an option to automatically display web page URLs and email addresses in Labels as live links
  • Options to restrict label height to N lines: gives developers even more flexibility when designing an app UI to have control over how many lines of text can be displayed in labels
  • New Action Tree for orientation changes: makes it possible for developers to define actions to occur when a user changes the orientation (portrait/landscape) of a device
  • Options for read folder actions: allows filtering for multiple filename patterns, recursing into subfolders and more
  • Full support for Let's Encrypt SSL certificates: makes it easy to obtain and auto-renew free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt directly in the MobileTogether Server admin interface

Support for Let's Encrypt simplifies the process of setting up secure SSL connections between the MobileTogether Server and mobile clients. A new dialog makes it easy for developers to request a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt, directly in the MobileTogether Server admin interface. Once the certificate is obtained and installed, MobileTogether Server will automatically renew the certificate every two months.

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