SimpleFeed Launches Predictive Publishing Service for Social Media Channels

Nov 19, 2013

SimpleFeed announced the Social Syndication Hub, a predictive publishing service that automatically determines what content companies should publish, where they should publish it, and what day and time they should publish to get optimal results. With the Social Syndication Hub, companies can benefit from algorithms that distribute content to ideal channels based on type, keywords, and categories -- as well as measure and analyze content and channel effectiveness.

Predictive publishing lies at the heart of the Social Syndication Hub. SimpleFeed publishes content from company websites, social sites, content management system, data feeds, RSS feeds, and other content sources based on customer-defined rules.

Toyota built the Toyota Digital Dealer Solution using SimpleFeed's Social Syndication Hub. This allows Toyota's 1,200 dealers to set up automatic publishing of approved Toyota content such as news, social media posts, product information, NASCAR race results, incentive offers, YouTube videos, and more.