Simian Systems Releases SiteMailer 2

Jul 15, 2005

Simian Systems Inc. has announced the release of SiteMailer 2. SiteMailer 2 allows clients to schedule the release of messages in advance, and at regular intervals, as well as the ability to compose personalized messages with dynamic message components (ie. news or event listings). SiteMailer 2 also provides clients the ability to publish-to-Web, with the added feature of an automatic Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed generator--providing clients with the ability to view newsletters in RSS format. All of this is done through SiteMailer 2's visual message composer.

Features of SiteMailer 2 include: compose messages in advance and release them at a later date. SiteMailer 2 allows users to send newsletters weekly, biweekly, or monthly; compose custom HTML email messages. SiteMailer 2 is designed to help users avoid spelling errors via a built-in spell checker; control over the full contents of your HTML email messages. Template "tags" allows the user to insert features such as an unsubscribe link, reader tracking, subscriber info for personalization, and dynamic components such as news or event listings from a Web site; publish newsletters to a personal Web site automatically, as well as to an RSS news feed--an alternative to email-style news subscriptions; disable subscribers after they bounce a given number of messages within an allotted time period. This feature is designed to keep news out of the spam blacklist services; track the effectiveness of newsletters, as well as the performance of individual advertisements within newsletters; SiteMailer 2 was designed specifically to handle large subscriber lists--in the event of an SMTP server failure--SiteMailer 2 will continue to send messages, waiting for the next available opportunity to get messages out to subscribers. The SiteMailer 2 Enterprise Email Marketing System is now available from the Simian Systems Web site.