SilkRoad Introduces Expanded Silkware Platform

Mar 08, 2005


SilkRoad technology, inc., a provider of enterprise-class content management and collaboration software, has introduced its new Silkware platform, which is designed to bring together a feature-rich audio and video blogging application and an assortment of communication and collaboration tools on one common platform. The new Silkware platform offers enterprise-class blogging, audio/video blogging, instant messaging, chat, surveying, and polling software, available together or separately, in a subscription-based, software-as-a-service model.

The SilkClips audio/video blogging tool allows bloggers to capture, publish, and play back audio and video clips. Features include: Emailing feeds and clips; Publish/Reading should support the MetaWeblogAPI and RSS 2.0 with enclosures; All clips can be viewable by Web-enabled players or the downloadable players; and Downloadable players/recorders should be instant and available on multiple platforms.

Along with SilkClips, the expanded Silkware platform will include the following enterprise-class software products, all available on a subscription basis:

Silkmessenger, Silkware's instant messaging and chat product is designed to have the security, auditing, and advanced features for business needs while also offering immediate consumption and a community feel.

Silkblogs is a Web publishing application that is designed to make it easy for companies to efficiently and securely collaborate and communicate. Built specifically with business users in mind, Silkblogs gives individuals in a membership base a voice to share their thoughts, ideas, documents, and images on the Web. The product offers customizable layout and design, a scalable and secure architecture, and service and support.

Silksurveys is a dynamic Web survey and feedback management tool that allows users to create, publish, and distribute multi-question, multi-page, Web-based surveys and then analyze and interpret the results. A related product, Silkpolls, allows for the creation of single-question polls for quick feedback.