Sierraware Introduces VMI-in-a-Box for Virtual Mobile Infrastructure

Dec 01, 2015

Sierraware, a provider of virtualization and security, introduced VMI-in-a-Box, which allows small businesses to secure their mobile apps. This new, consolidated solution makes it easier for organizations to securely host mobile apps in the cloud and keep sensitive data off of mobile devices. VMI-in-a-Box simplifies the deployment of SierraVMI Virtual Mobile Infrastructure by providing an integrated and tested hardware appliance or a virtual appliance for KVM, Xen, and VMware ESX hypervisors.

VMI-in-a-Box says it offers all of the benefits of Virtual Mobile Infrastructure, but it also accelerates deployment and provides verified virtual and hardware appliances to optimize performance. It enables organizations to enforce strong authentication for mobile apps, reduce the risk of data loss from stolen devices, and satisfy regulatory requirements such as HIPAA compliance.