Sierra Club Selects iUpload for Web CMS

Mar 14, 2003

The Sierra Club, a grassroots environmental organization, has selected iUpload's Web content management solution in an effort to help disparate webmasters and contributors to update their sites and share information. The Sierra Club determined that a Web-based content-management service was the best way to meet its requirements and selected iUpload, a Web content management service provider, to help them simplify how they publish information to some of the more dynamic parts of its Web sites. iUpload's approach provides a Web-based content management solution that is independent of site architecture, infrastructure, design platform, and hosting environment. iUpload's service is designed to allow non-technical users to author, publish, and edit content directly to a Web site in a secure, controlled environment. Its approach did not require Sierra Club volunteer webmasters to install any new software, did not impose any infrastructure changes, worked well with the existing Web sites, and allowed the volunteers to focus on content.  

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