Siderean Unveils Seamark Navigator 4.5 Information Access Platform

May 22, 2007


Siderean, a provider of relational navigation solutions, has announced the availability of Seamark Navigator 4.5, the newest version of Siderean’s information access platform. Seamark Navigator 4.5 provides users with the ability to dynamically identify relationships between sets of information, create the context to drive action, and increase user participation in the information flow. Seamark Navigator 4.5 was designed to enable user participation, providing users with new tagging, voting, ranking, and reviewing capabilities. It can help users to collaborate via commenting features and the ability to save and share searches.

Siderean’s Seamark Navigator 4.5 information access platform is designed to enable users to identify and understand previously unseen relationships between information from disparate data sources. These dynamic relationships create the context to drive action, enabling users to go beyond the limitations of traditional search and navigation solutions by delivering the ability to pivot across query results. Once found, Seamark allows users to tag, rate, review, save, and share information. Other improvements to Seamark Navigator include: application-enabling building blocks that perform business logic and interaction with the data store; asynchronous, independent text indexing and incremental node inclusion for scalability; external authentication support, granular permissions, and role-based access control (RBAC) for enhanced security; and enhanced management functionality including analytics, feed/source management, and cluster management capabilities.


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